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Silicone Baby Training Cutlery

Silicone Baby Training Cutlery

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This is the perfect first stage cutlery set. It comes with two types of easy hold spoons. One has a channeled head that captures and holds food and another is a spoon to use when the baby has mastered scooping the food. They are just right for tiny hands, promoting motor skill development as your baby learns to scoop and eat.
This set makes mealtimes a more enjoyable experience for baby to learn and explore. It promotes self-feeding and the silicone is soft and gentle on babies gums and can actually be used as a teether as well. Whether it's purees, cereals, or soft solids, our Baby Silicone Training Spoons are the perfect companions to help your little one explore new flavours and textures.

Our silicone products are 100% Food grade and BPA free. The properties of silicone mean that the products are resistant to mould and bacteria. Also, they will not splinter or break even after repeated dropping.

They are dishwasher safe.
Please wash all products throughly before use.

Recommended for 6 Months+

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