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Suction Plate with 3 Compartments

Suction Plate with 3 Compartments

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Silicone Suction plate with 3 divided sections.
Comes in 4 colour options , Rose, Beige, Grey and Blue.

Perfect addition to add to a baby’s weaning and feeding journey. The strong suction base adheres securely to most surfaces, preventing spills and reducing mealtime messes. The three divided sections keep different foods separate, such as hot and cold food from mixing but also appealing to certain picky eaters.

Our silicone products are 100% Food grade and BPA free. The properties of silicone mean that the products are resistant to mould and bacteria. Also, they will not splinter or break even after repeated dropping.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe.
Please wash all products throughly before use.
Be mindful when using certain food high in natural colorants as it could stain the silicone products. Do not use any sharp objects such as knives on them to avoid damage.

Recommended for 6 Months+

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