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White Neutral Dummy Clip

White Neutral Dummy Clip

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Our silicone dummy clips are a must-have accessory designed to provide a practical but also stylish solution to keeping your little one's dummy within reach.

The dummy clip is specifically a gender neurtal option that will be great for either a boy or a girl. Making it the perfect gift for a baby shower or pregnancy announcement.

These beads are very securely fastened with a strong cord, ensuring that the dummy clip will not come apart. We have made sure that they are designed to be the right length to prevent any entanglement risks.

The clip at the end allows you to easily attach it to your baby's clothing, car seat or pram. This ensures that the pacifier will always be within reach, and minimising the risk of it falling on any dirty surfaces or from getting lost.

They are also very easy to clean. Either wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it with mild soap and water.

All our dummy clips are handmade using the best quality items, 100% food grade 12mm silicone beads, 14mm wooden beads, eco wood and stainless steel clip and 2mm braided nylon cord.

Safety: Adult supervision is required at all times. Customer must assume full responsibility for ensuring that the product is used in a safe and correct manner. If you see any damage, discard product immediately.

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